From simple beginnings in dairying and casein, Cottee today has evolved into a highly specialised food resource company. We work both directly and indirectly with a number of industries, providing them with key ingredients and formulations aimed towards innovative and cost-effective product creation.


“Hydroxyapatite Since 1983”

Hydroxyapatite has many trading names. Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite [MCHA] in North America. Ossein Mineral Complex [OMC] in the Subcontinent. Ossein Hydroxyapatite Compound [OHC] in Asia. Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Europe.

At Cottee, we simply call it CoCal – a name we registered way back in 1983 when we were the first company to introduce the product into the US market.

With its ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio and superior bioavailability, MCHA rapidly became the product of choice for health professionals looking for an effective calcium supplement.

30 years later, Cottee maintains its position as a leading global supplier of bone-derived calcium for nutraceutical formulations and supplements.

MCHA boasts a calcium level of 24%, as well as containing many other minerals and trace minerals naturally complexed in collagen. The calcium found within MCHA is bound within a protein matrix, which offers increased absorption by the body as a pose to other natural sources of calcium.

Cottee MCHA is manufactured exclusively in Australia, from 100% SRM-free Australian Bovine. Due to Australia’s tight biosecurity regulations, Australian Bovine are regarded as some of the safest livestock worldwide due to the absence of many common international diseases including BSE.

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Premium Milk Derivatives

These premium products are carefully sourced from select manufacturers.

There are many high-value milk derivatives that serve essential roles within nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. These premium products are carefully sourced from select manufacturers, with all manufacturing and health certification requests able to be facilitated.

Colostrum – First milk from a mother is rich in IgG’s and plays a fundamental role in the development of infants

Lactoferrin – Obtained via ultrafiltration of the whey stream during milk processing, essential for the development and maintenance of the immune system.

Milk calcium – Milk is an excellent natural source of calcium (28%), and has excellent bioavailability.

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Seafood Processing Aid

Our Seafood Processing Aid [SPA] range of products are aimed at meeting the demands of the worldwide seafood industry.

SPA is a pre-soak water conditioner that can reduce moisture loss in shrimp/prawns during processing by up to 10%. The addition of SPA effectively increases the yield of the product, significantly boosting return.

As well as decreasing moisture loss, SPA also improves visual, texture and taste characteristics. It leaves no unwanted residuals, and is free from added sulphites, phosphates and polyphosphates.

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Private Label Formulations

For over 30 years, Cottee has been supplying nutraceuticals to the dynamic US, European and Asian marketplace. This experience positions us as the perfect team to partner your product development.

From formulation through to finished product, Cottee has the requisite experience to successfully realize your product.

Our private label services include:

  • Product formulation & development
  • Contract manufacturing under GMP guidelines
  • Product testing
  • Product certification and licensing

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