We don’t just sell it. We grow it

Cottee owns and operates a large rural cropping and livestock enterprise in the
Central West region of  New South Wales, Australia.

The rich red soils of the area are ideal for broadacre cropping of oilseeds and cereals, as well as breeding and raising prime Australian fat lambs.

Cottee Farms reflects our integrated attitude as a company – true understanding of agricultural commodities begins at the agrarian level, with a simple seed in the soil. We also recognise that, with the ever-mounting pressures on the planet, ethical sustainability must underpin every link within the global agricultural supply chain.

Indeed, our corporate social responsibility is centred very firmly around this core value of sustainability. From our extensive on-farm re-vegetation programs through to the ethical sourcing of natural ingredients for our retail goods, Cottee recognises the need to give must exceed that taken.